Welcome to Followmetojapan. My name is Chris and this is my first blog after coming to Japan. I am an assistant language teacher (or commonly known as ALT) living in Tokyo, Japan. This blog is about my life in Japan, covering topics including food, transport, travel, language, comic, shopping, hot spring and most importantly, useful tips on how to save money, how to earn money, how to find a well-paid government job, how to arrange visa, how to migrate to Japan, how to apply for phone, internet, water, electricity, waive insurance, etc that you won’t find anywhere else.

I work at several schools in my area and when I am free, I try everything in the country to discover the ins and outs. So far, speaking of large cities in Japan, I have been to Tokyo(東京), Osaka(大阪), Sendai(仙台) and I am looking forward to visiting Nagoya(名古屋), Hiroshima(広島), Hokkaido(北海道) in the future. I also have the habit of taking pictures every day to have a record of my daily life. So if you are planning on coming to Japan or interested in Japan, come follow me to different corners of the country to do shopping, cycling, barbieing, snorkeling. I will keep updating this blog as often as I can, once a day, twice a week, depending on my work and leisure (this is very important!) schedules. And if you happen to find anything that interests you, electronic products, anime figures, video games, sports gears, beauty gadgets….just drop me an email (chris chris guitar [one word without space]at gmail dot com) or comment on any page and I’ll find a way to send it to you .

I have been living in Japan for 1.5 years. I teach English to the children at 2 elementary schools. I also have lunch with them every day at school. This is my schedule from Mon to Fri, until 4pm. After 4pm, it’s my time. I try out the onsen (Japanese hot spring), do my shopping, buy groceries, hit the bars..…..

On Sat and Sun, I will take my days-off to explore the country, every road, every shop, every little thing in Japan.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey
    I just wanted to tell you your blog helped a lot for my trip to Japan two weeks ago. I especially enjoy the videos you took in Universal Studio Japan. I will come and check your posts every day.
    Keep it up!

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