Goods ordering service

There has been an increasing number of readers asking me to order things for them in Japan . The reason is that most of the companies in Japan, whether online or not, will not ship their products overseas. The other reason is because of the language barrier. Though online business has been flourishing for years in Japan, most of these sites only support Japanese language.

How much do you charge?

The very first question that pops up in your mind is possibly: how much do you charge for the service?

Total cost = [price of goods * exchange rate] + shipping cost

Why so cheap?

If you have ever used any goods ordering services, you may find this one charges you the lowest. But why? How can we make it so cheap?


Since this business is running in small scale, costs can be saved to a minimum such as water and electricity bills, staffing, and all other hefty overhead costs that usually put a heavy burden on a typical company, which in turn, means higher prices of goods.


There have been over hundreds of readers of my blog that I have helped ordering goods and there has been no complain thus far. If any problem does occur, I will do my best to fix it so you do not have to worry about the safety of your purchases.


We are open to any payment methods and you may suggest your own! These days, most our customers use Paypal, which is one of the safest, most convenient, and low cost method.

Language barrier? No problem!

If you ever find anything of your interest but do not understand what it says in Japanese, ASK US! We will translate it to you til you feel 100% comfortable!

Questions and quotes? Ask us at:
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Enjoy your shopping!


Osaka Unlimited Pass 大阪周遊券 I Iove you! – Day 5


I got my Osaka Unlimited Pass (大阪周遊券) the oTsūtenkakuther day for 2000yen so for it to help me save money!!When I got to the tower, there was already load of people lining up outside. It took me ~2 hours to get to the top of the building. Before you can get to the top, there’s a lot of displays and souvenir shops and things you need to go through. I still regret that I went there as it’s nothing special except for the view which amazed you for first few seconds there. The second free entry is Tennoji Zoo(天王寺動物園). I already watched the video clips on Youtube about the zoo so I didn’t expect much. I turned out it was much better than I though. There were snakes, lions, tigers, zebras, foxes, hippos, rihos (they were hiding under the water when I was there), chitah, and koalas (same as those I saw before, they barely moved!).

Don’t miss out Santa Maria Cruise

"Santa Maria" cruise in Osaka Bay

“Santa Maria” cruise in Osaka Bay (Photo credit: Stéfan)

After the zoo, I rushed to the bay area as I realized I would need to take the 5pm Santa Maria Cruise (サンタマリア) otherwise I may not have enough time for the aquarium that night. Luckily, I was there 5 mins before the gate closed. The trip is fantastic and the view is worth millions! This is a must try for anyone coming to Osaka. It was cloudy when I was on the cruise so it felt cool. You can see Kaiyukan(海遊館), Universal Studios(ユニバーサル スタジオ), and a lot of other buildings and structures from a different angel which you won’t be able to see when you’re on the ground. The trip takes 45 mins.

Kaiyukan(海遊館) is miniscale

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN (Ring of Fire Aquarium...

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN in Osaka, Japan

It was Kaiyukan(海遊館) after the cruise. As most of other aquariums in the world, this one also has a large tunnel tank so you’ll have to walk underneath it to get inside. They have lots of different sea animals in there but almost everything I have seen such as sharks, turtles, shrimps, crabs, so no surprise. Japanese crabs really captured my attention since I was the first time I saw them so many of them and they are really huge. The whole aquarium is actually quite small in floor space but you wouldn’t notice as you will walk surrounding the same big tank in the middle for most of the time. 2000 yen is overpriced so I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you’ve seen those in Melbourne and Sydney.

Ride it during day time

The last free ride is Tenbosan Kanransya, a ferris wheel (天保山観覧車) with beautiful neon lights on it to tell you weather and temperature by color variation. I saw the clips on Youtube that the view in the whole area is stunning at night. But again, I was disappointed. The ferris wheel only displayed green color, the bay area was pretty dark without the colorful, flashing neon lights I saw in videos.

Useful links:

Osaka Unlimited Pass (大阪周遊パス)


Tennoji Zoo(天王寺動物園)


Santa Maria Cruise (サンタマリア)

Tenpozan Giant Ferris Wheel (天保山大観覧車)

Bay area information:

Korean food by native Korean

This is my first time to try some real Korean food cooked by native Korean. I am very fortunate to be staying in a BnB hosted by this gorgeous Korean GoEun in Belgium. It’s super yummy!

PS to GoEun: The noodles on the table were only half done and I was thinking to finish the rest when I woke up. Why did you chuck them away while I was sleeping??  😦

Mission for today:

You need these ingredients:



Chop the cucumber and pear into slices but do not cook them. You’re supposed to eat them raw. Cut the beef into slices as well.


Fry the beef:



Put everything on top of the noodles:

P4280065 P4280072

They’re so yummy!! Thank you very much GoEun! 🙂


Haagen Daz for lunch in school

This is probably one of the richest and most valuable school lunch I have ever had in my life! With 230yen, you get your regular Japanese lunch plus a Haagen Daz strawberry flavoured ice-cream, which costs roughly the same if you get it in supermarket.


You can tell how yummy it is from how much she is enjoying it 🙂


3 years ago today, Japan experienced one of the most devastating earthquake in decent decade. Hundreds of thousands people lost their homes, life, suffered from the aftermath of earthquake. Everyone stops their things and pray at 2.46 pm. The flags were flown at half mast.


Meeting an old friend in the park

Took the time last week to see my 2 old friends in the park near my place. Saw only one of them. Her body language says she’s in great boredom. I couldn’t help thinking maybe something bad had happened to the other one.

Getting in to the park Image

Sh….! She’s well asleep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What about getting up and eat something huh?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Em… It’s so yummy!


“It’s goddamn boring here!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




pick some leaves from the ground to play with her.It works!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She keeps following me when I was leaving…. so touching!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ohira san 太平山

I took the last week of my holiday to do some hiking with my friends. We went up to one of the mountains called Ohira san太平山 near my place. The view is —-stunning!



Forgot to bring your food and drinks? Dont’ worry! Loads of shops along the way.Image


Let’s check out what’s upstairs!Image

Japanese people like to write their wishes on the locks and put them on the fence.Image

A resting placeImage

Heaps of different trails on the mountain for you to try. This one is 170m long. Wanna try?Image

After walking hundreds of steps up….Image

You will get here! Image


I was surprised as this is the first time I saw someone playing hang-gliding in Japan! I thought Japanese people aren’t into sports, especially this kind which may be too breathtaking for them.Image


As I said 2 weeks ago, the odds that you will bump into a festival when you come to Japan in summer are quite high. One of them is fireworks shows. There are fireworks shows in almost every town in Japan over the summer holiday period between June and August. Wanna play fireworks yourself instead of watching? Unlike many other countries, it is legal to play with fireworks in Japan. It also explains why you will see shops put out loads of fireworks products in this time.


How long can a pair of scissors be?

How long are the longest scissors you have ever seen?

This pair is the longest I’ve ever seen in my life. The blade has 22 cm long!

Why so long?

They are for those who want to have a very nice cut when they use it to cut a whole piece of paper from one end to the other, say, A4.Plus, it can save you loads of time if you can cut an A4 paper in one go instead of several cuts.