Ohira san 太平山

I took the last week of my holiday to do some hiking with my friends. We went up to one of the mountains called Ohira san太平山 near my place. The view is —-stunning!



Forgot to bring your food and drinks? Dont’ worry! Loads of shops along the way.Image


Let’s check out what’s upstairs!Image

Japanese people like to write their wishes on the locks and put them on the fence.Image

A resting placeImage

Heaps of different trails on the mountain for you to try. This one is 170m long. Wanna try?Image

After walking hundreds of steps up….Image

You will get here! Image


I was surprised as this is the first time I saw someone playing hang-gliding in Japan! I thought Japanese people aren’t into sports, especially this kind which may be too breathtaking for them.Image


How long can a pair of scissors be?

How long are the longest scissors you have ever seen?

This pair is the longest I’ve ever seen in my life. The blade has 22 cm long!

Why so long?

They are for those who want to have a very nice cut when they use it to cut a whole piece of paper from one end to the other, say, A4.Plus, it can save you loads of time if you can cut an A4 paper in one go instead of several cuts.


Let’s have a cuppa in……..hair salon!

I aint’ joking! You really can have a cuppa in the hair salons in Japan.

Below is the one I got last week when I was in a hair salon. Yes, the hair dresser gave it to me when she learned that I like coffee. So, it’s free! Actually, they will serve you any kind of drink you like as long as they have it, say, green tea, soft drinks etc. What a good service! Starbucks has one more competitor now 🙂


Battery adaptor

This is probably the most cited reason for why Japan has been able to attract so many tourists each year– you will bump into a product that you have never seen in your life.

This is one of them that caught my attention last week at Trial – a supermarket chain in Japan – battery adaptors.


What are they for?

I think everyone has experienced this  some time in their life: You need 2AA batteries for your electronic gadget, say, your digital camera, but you have only got the AAA ones, or you need A batteries yet you have only got smaller ones – AA batteries. It is this moment when these adaptors come into use. You simply put your AAA batteries into the adaptors and you can use them as if they were AA size ones. Wonderful isn’t it? You can do the same for AA batteries. Just fit them into the adaptors and use them as size A batteries.

Fit your smaller sized battery into the bigger sized one. As below:


Now, you can use them as if it were one size bigger. Fascinating isn’t it?Image

It also means that you don’t have to stock all the batteries of different sizes at home, It’s especially important if you don’t use your batteries frequently. Batteries will lose their power as time passes.

I’ve got some new friends!









Wait! Have you sensed something wrong? What’s wrong? Actually I barely know them, they are just the dummies I saw in the clothing department of a second hand shop 2 weeks ago. Funny isn’t it?

I guess they wanna give their customers an impression that they aren’t alone while they are doing their shopping, especially on weekdays in which customers are scarce.

I got a tummy ache!

I touched on the topic of Sprite in Japan last year. I said that it has a unique flavour which is so different from other Sprite’s I have ever tried in other countries. As a brand name soft drink which caters for those from little kids up to the elderly, from manual blue collars to top CEOs, it is expected to carry a commonly accepting flavour. Yet, the Sprite here does it the other way. It is sour, which is in stark contrast to most of the common soft drinks on the market which taste sweet.

This topic came up in a chat between me and a Japanese co-worker in the school. I was told that because Japanese people are conscious of their health, they think that (too much) sugar is not good for health, especially in soft drinks in which they are well known for high sugar level.

This week, I was in this grade 1 class in which I used ice creams as a means so the kids could use them to learn numbers 1- 10 in English. I led in to the topic by asking whether they liked ice cream. As anyone can tell, kids love sweets and ice cream so I got overwhelming response. To keep the ball rolling, I replied that I like ice cream too and I eat it every day. Everyone was dumbfounded! They said that I would get a tummy ache if I really do it.

This is Japanese people.