Battery adaptor

This is probably the most cited reason for why Japan has been able to attract so many tourists each year– you will bump into a product that you have never seen in your life.

This is one of them that caught my attention last week at Trial – a supermarket chain in Japan – battery adaptors.


What are they for?

I think everyone has experienced this  some time in their life: You need 2AA batteries for your electronic gadget, say, your digital camera, but you have only got the AAA ones, or you need A batteries yet you have only got smaller ones – AA batteries. It is this moment when these adaptors come into use. You simply put your AAA batteries into the adaptors and you can use them as if they were AA size ones. Wonderful isn’t it? You can do the same for AA batteries. Just fit them into the adaptors and use them as size A batteries.

Fit your smaller sized battery into the bigger sized one. As below:


Now, you can use them as if it were one size bigger. Fascinating isn’t it?Image

It also means that you don’t have to stock all the batteries of different sizes at home, It’s especially important if you don’t use your batteries frequently. Batteries will lose their power as time passes.


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