I got a tummy ache!

I touched on the topic of Sprite in Japan last year. I said that it has a unique flavour which is so different from other Sprite’s I have ever tried in other countries. As a brand name soft drink which caters for those from little kids up to the elderly, from manual blue collars to top CEOs, it is expected to carry a commonly accepting flavour. Yet, the Sprite here does it the other way. It is sour, which is in stark contrast to most of the common soft drinks on the market which taste sweet.

This topic came up in a chat between me and a Japanese co-worker in the school. I was told that because Japanese people are conscious of their health, they think that (too much) sugar is not good for health, especially in soft drinks in which they are well known for high sugar level.

This week, I was in this grade 1 class in which I used ice creams as a means so the kids could use them to learn numbers 1- 10 in English. I led in to the topic by asking whether they liked ice cream. As anyone can tell, kids love sweets and ice cream so I got overwhelming response. To keep the ball rolling, I replied that I like ice cream too and I eat it every day. Everyone was dumbfounded! They said that I would get a tummy ache if I really do it.

This is Japanese people.



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