Meguro(目黒), Jiyugaoka(自由が丘), Ginza(銀座), Yurakucho(有楽町)

If you are into the Zakka(雑貨) in Japan, like me, you may want to check out the shops in Jiyugaoka(自由が丘), Meguro(目黒).

As far as I can see, there are over a hundred zakka shops in that area so you can spend a whole day. I took these pictures yesterday.


Jiyugaoka StationJiyu ga oka station

Square:Jiyu ga oka square

Jiyu ga oka square2Photo-0009Here you will find tons of zakka shopsJiyu ga oka square3 Photo-0016 Muji has got a shop there tooMuji Flower shop DocomoDocomoJiyu ga oka3


Getting tired after a long walk? How about a lunch in a Chinese restaurant?Photo-0042

Alleys there also packed with zakka shopsJiyu ga oka2PiccinFortune telling

Ginza 銀座

Mitsukoshi (三越)Mitsukoshi

StreetscapeGinza street

Fujiya (不二家)FujiyaGAP flagship store

Sony showroom – a must visit for every touristSony showroom

Matsuya(松屋) Department StoreMatsuya Dept store


Lastly, Apple flagship store. Suggest you try their elevators. You just won’t find them anywhere else!Apple flagship store

Alexander McQueenAlexandar McQueen

One of the most visited landmarks in Ginza for tourists – Wako(和光) Department StoreWako Dept store

Nissan showroomNissan showroom

Yurakucho 有楽町

Yuraku cho


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