Merry Christmas

I wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas today.

We all know what’s gonna happen today and tomorrow when this day comes around every year – parties, gifts, Turkey, chocolate, alcohol, shopping…..

In Japan, people don’t pay as much attention to Christmas as people in other countries. Of course there are celebrations but they are mostly confined to private parties between friends or families. Public celebrations are rare. Christmas day is a working day in Japan!! Ironically, heaps of products out there on the market start reminding you the day with their Chrissie packaging since early November.

Don’t even think about Gingerbread, stick candies, Turkey of usual family size. These are unheard of for many Japanese people. Miss the Christmas parade in which you can spend a fun, lovely day with your family? You can see it by paying 6000yen into Disneyland or Universal Studio. Lastly, Christmas trees and Christmas lights. Yes, you can definitely find one or two very little trees in front of plazas, but the scale and decorations would definitely let you down. If you really wanna feel the atmosphere of this fesvital season, stay away from Japan!

These are almost all and the best I managed to find in Sendai on Christmas Eve this year.

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