Skytree and banana

Still wondering what to give your best friends and family for this Christmas and New Year? Here comes a good option for you.

To celebrate the opening of Tokyo Skytree in May this year, they released some lovely banana cakes that come in many different patterns and flavours.

It is a banana flavored custard cakes meticulously wrapped and packaged in Japanese standards. Even though there are more unusual choices of quirky stuff that Japan has to offer as gifts, Tokyo Banansa are the most widely commercialized and easiest to obtain souvenir.

Granted, there are a lot of snack choices to choose from. But why Tokyo Banana? If you ask me, the word “Tokyo” does give a more personal touch to a gift which I will give out to friends. It brings forth a “here’s a very delicious snack from Tokyo, hope you’ll like it” impression.

We now accept your orders til the end of Decemeber.

Price is around 1500yen [depending on the type of banana], shipping excluded. It means that the more you buy in one time, the cheaper you will get for each pack.

More details:



Tokyo Banana






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