Suica Card Melon Card

What’s Suica Card? It’s a smart card issued by Japan Rail [JR] and it is widely used by millions of Japanese people every day . You can use it to on trains, buses, and even merchants such as 7-Eleven so you won’t have to scrabble through your purse for coins. How to use it? All you have to do is to place your Suica Card on the reading machine and your fare/ fees will be deducted. You may recharge it when you find it the credit on the card is getting low.

Handy isn’t it? Yet, it costs you 2000yen, with 500 yen being the deposit and 1500 yen being the money you can use. Don’t worry! JR will refund you the 500yen once you return it to them. Just be careful not to lose it as it will cost you 1000yen for a new one to be issued under the name on the lost card.

Speaking of the name of the card, ‘Suica’ is Japanese which means ‘melon’. That’s why the card is in green. It’s meant to carry the shadow of a melon.

You can find more information on JR’s website:

suica card1



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