Cleverest scales

It takes tones of time and patience when it comes to teaching kids Math at home. Whenever you ask to do Math exercises, objections usually come. Every mom has their own Bible which details all the ways they have ever used, those that work and those that do not. Even if they listen to you and get started, it doesn’t mean that they will finish everything. They may get bored by the tedious Math questions, be drawn to the cartoon programmes on TV or comic books, video games, Barbie dolls…

Cleverest monkey on earth?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can put your feet up while your kids will finish all the Math drills for the day? Or, if you are in a teacher, your students will forget about playing with their cell phone under the desk and get interested in your teaching once you show them this.

I happened to find it last week in the toys department of a grocery store.

How does it work?

It’s super simple and easy to use. Even kids as little as 3 or 4 year old will figure it with only a little assistance. In the package, it comes with a money scales, plastic numbers from 1 to 9. The job for player is to find the suitable numbers so the scales won’t tit to either side. That’s it! It also comes with a handbook teaching you how to use it. Though it is in Japanese, the pictures and numbers are more than enough to tell you all you need to know in order to use it.

What makes it special?

Without doubt, this toy certainly grabs the attention from kids and they will love playing with it [and learning] without any pain involved. Yet, the biggest advantage is that kids can tell if they have got their answer correct by looking at the pointer, whether it is pointing at the equal sign or the cross sign. It doesn’t use any batteries either. It means that you can take it anywhere and use it, when you are on the plane, in the library, restaurant, etc

Want it to arrive at your door? We now accept orders and it is just 5USD [or equivalent other currency], shipping and handling included!

Don’t want your kids to waste their time over the Christmas holidays? Place your order before 10 December and you will get it by Christmas Day!

We accept Paypal and bank transfer.

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