Red leaves 紅葉

November is nearing and winter is around the corner in Japan. For those already in Japan or planning to visit the country, the hottest topic these days has been the red leaves. Compared with before, they come a bit late this year due to the warmer weather.

Where to find red leaves information?

There is loads of information on the web each year since September giving you information about when and where you should go to see the red leaves. One of the most visited websites for Japanese people is called ‘ Zenkoku Kouyo Saizensen ’ 全國紅葉最前線 with address:


Best spot to see red leaves

Where do you think you will find the most captivating red leaves in Japan? According to a poll on this site, Kyoto京都 has got the highest votes (98 votes) for its ‘best red leaves you have ever seen’. Do you know the reason? It is not because the trees there are of any special strand which makes the leaves stand out, but because of the backdrops in Kyoto京都: the traditional shrines, pebble roads, and ancient buildings behind the leaves. Same as cherry blossom, red leaves come only once a year in Japan. If you happen to be in Kyoto 京都in the next couple of weeks, don’t miss out.
The best red leaves spots in Kyoto京都 according to ‘Zenkoku Kouyo Saizensen’ 全國紅葉最前線:


What about red leaves in other locations?
Check out


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