This is not a Morse Code or password of any type, but the name of a girl 8group in Japan. What’s so special about it? AKB48 holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest pop group, consisting of 68 members, all females. Due to the size of the group, it is divided into 3 subgroups: TEAM A, B, C. All the members in the group are in their early teens to mid 20s.

In Japan, AKB48 has become a name next to McDonald’s. It has received widespread popularity and is discussed every day, creating a social phenomenon. It is also one of the highest earning musical acts in the world, with 2011 record sales of over $200 million in Japan, alone.

Origin of AKB48

Everyone cannot help wondering what AKB48 stands for after hearing the name for the first time. It is named after Akihabara, the area in Tokyo where the group’s own theater is located. Yes! The group has got their own theatre and they perform there daily so their hardcore fans will not have to chase them around. They only have to camp outside the theatre so they can see their idols every day. The problem and the strangest thing is that the tickets are not sold to the commercial market, but available to those who are in luck – by lottery.

My students in school have been crazy about them because of some reasons I do not understand as a foreigner. These days, wherever you go you will see their posters, CDs and memorabilia. AKB48 is everywhere. They are really super hot in Japan.

More on AKB48: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKB48



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