Milk room?

I discovered a new mall yesterday by chance – The Mall. It’s not a big one compared with those nearby in town, no matter it is in terms of floor space or variety of items. The up side is: it gives you some quietness amid the hustle bustle in our modern day life. I am fond of the its look on the outside.

When I was in there, I saw a Milk Room. Yes, a Milk Room which is the name of a shop. What does it sell? Not milk, but something that produces milk. Not cows! But the things women have. Yes you got it.

I have got no idea whether the person who came up with this name realized the meaning such a name may suggest, or it’s just a coincidence. There is one thing I am sure though. Anyone who has some understanding of female anatomy would not be able to help laughing, in mind or explicitly. The connotation is just too obvious.
I wonder what would happen it was men’s underwear they are selling.

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