Shizuka Kudo 工藤静香

It’s been a lot time since Shizuka Kudo 工藤静香last released her album. The previous one was 4 years ago. To celebrate her 25th year debut, a new single, キミがくれたもの (Kimi ga kureta mono), was out on 17 Oct in Japan. Opinions have been quite diverse if you look up the reviews on Amazon Japan.
If you feel like to, you can listen to it online. About half way down from top, you will see 試聴用サンプル. This is where you can listen to the samples of her songs.

Though I am not a fan of Shizuka, there is one song of hers I do love deep down, which is Kirara (きらら)。It’s also the name of the single, released in 1988.

Kirara きらら:


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