Meticulous culture

The servicing industry in Japan is well known for their hospitality and great attention to detail. Though you can find many instances where every little detail is taken into account in a given store, there are times when details are overlooked.

Before going into detail, check out these pictures.

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Can you tell what is wrong with them?

If you still can’t, check out what the clocks say.

Yes, temperature ranges from 19.6 C to 28C and they are all displayed side by side in the same department. The same happens to relative humidity. It ranges from  33 to 55%.

So what does it mean?  It means that most of these clocks , or in the worst case, all of them, are giving you inaccurate temperature and humidity.

As obvious as it appears, the company forgot to think about how their customers would feel when they find mixed and inaccurate information given by different clocks. Will they still be happy to pay a few thousand yen for a clock that gives or may possible give inaccurate information?

There is another possibility. Though time can be adjusted as the store wishes (though they didn’t’ do that in this case), temperature and relative humidity cannot. At the same time, in order to attract customers’ attention and let them see how the display of the clocks looks like, they had no choice but to leave the clocks on, though the time and humidity differ from one clock to another.


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