Most expensive paper on earth?

I have found the perfect solution for my shiny skin when I was out there working, especially during summer time. It’s Tatcha’s oil absorbing paper!


What’s so special about Tatcha?

The 3.75inch square papers contain 300 year old secret from the geishas of Imperial Japan. The papers are made of abaca leaves. Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Papers are suitable for any skin type. Dry, fragile skin can use them before putting on your makeup, leaving a matte, petal fresh finish. Women with oily skin can use them too before make up for a beautiful alternative for most primers or to absorb the greasy feel most sunscreens leave behind.
Don’t know if it’s the best in doing the job, but it’s possibly the most expensive blotting paper on earth. It is priced at 12 USD for one pack with only 30 pieces! What a whopping price everyone can’t help yelling. If you do the math, you’ll figure it out in a tick – it costs 0.4USD for one piece!

Why so expensive?

Though it’s sold at exorbitant prices, it’s got raving reviews from many users. What’s more, it’ s been featured in some of the hottest magazines including Bazzar, Town and Country Weddings, Junior Bazzar, and Oprah. If you search it on Youtube, you’ll also find positive reviews, saying how great it does the job that most blotting paper can’t and should do: removing your face oil while leaving your makeup intact!

It’s not worth that much?

You still think it’s not worth that much even if it does the job much better than other brands? It’s got something so you could talk into yourself. Gold! Every piece in a pack has got gold flecks!

Check out Tatcha’s official website for details:


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