Thickest burger on earth

There’re Wendy’s, Hardees competing with the giant burger chain Mecca’s in the States as there are Lotteria in Japan.

These days, Lotteria’s got a bold move! Watch, it’s a 5 layer burger selling for 500yen, of course, it’s a la carte. It’s sold for a limited period between 16 and 26 this month. If you are in Japan over that period to try their burgers, you may find the coupons useful too. Print them out and you can use them:


Check out Lotteria for details:

After this, I did some searching and found out something even more stunning than this time Lotteria is doing. It’s 7 layer Whopper by Burger King partnered with Microsoft. Yes, the Microsoft! Gee… it was out in 2009 and I wasn’t in Japan L Yet, history tells me not to feel pity as the burgers may well contain viruses or any flaws as in their Windows series.


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