Cook lobster in street

It was long weekend last week celebrating Sports Day (体育の日) in Japan. I spent some time in Sendai.

When I was walking in the street, I happened to find a celebration event in a square instantly captured my attention. People were dressed up in traditional Japanese clothing, singing and dancing.




Eating lobsters in the street?

Unheard of? There was really a stall there selling boiled and steamed lobsters! It’s 700 yen for one with either way of cooking. With 1000yen, you can get a combo. So yummy! 

 People lining up to buy lobsters

Steamed lobsters on the left; boiled on the right. Which one would you like sir?


Leg fashion?

Japan is a pro country with specialization in many many areas. When it comes to fashion, this shopping mall has developed a line called leg fashion, instead of what we usually call it hosiery, stockings, socks. I guess it’s the first one in the world.

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