Virginity auction

If you’re living in Australia or you have been paying attention to the news media these days in the country, you may well have come across with this one:

An Australian filmmaker orchestrating an online virginity auction aiming to selling the virginity of a 20 year old Brazilian girl.

While most people can’t help yelling sick, this kind of selling your virginity thing has been going on for years if my memory serves around the world. Once in a while, a topic like this comes up and everyone in the society will be freaked out. The previous one happened in 2009 when a then 22 year old girl from California auctioned off her virginity in order to pay for her Master’s degree. The news is still there:

Yes, it’s really difficult to eradicate this kind of activity though clearly it’s illegal, especially when those involved are clever enough to circumvent the laws using different ways. This time, the company plans to have the virgin consummate the deal on a plane flying between Australia and the United States.

Is there really nothing governments can do?
Personally, I think governments have been acting like a sitting duck. There’re things they can do but not much has been done as far as we can see. An example is to forbid the media from publishing such news or passing laws which forbid the media from discloseing the company’s name, medium on which it is being advertised, etc . As long as the public won’t be able to trace the website or where they can find the ad, the news won’t spread around and news media will find it not newsworthy. The filmmaker in this case and anyone trying to sell themselves won’t get any audience so it will stop in long term.

Is virginity really worth so much?

Men in the world, pls think about about it. There is a female stranger you barely know. And you’re gonna have sex with her. You can’t be absolutely sure if she’s a virgin. She’s a newbie in sex and so is unskill, supposed everything she’s told you is the truth. You don’t know if she’s got any terminal disease or anything hidden that she didn’t tell you. Even if she’s got all the medical proofs, you can’t rule out the possibility that the documents are fake. How much will you be willing to pay for it?

More on the news:

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