Brush teeth

When it comes to uniqueness of culture, Japan has always stood out. There’re so many cultures and habits that you won’t find them anywhere in the world but Japan. Teeth brushing is one of these.

Brush your teeth in public, will you?

When I was travelling around the globe years ago, I bumped into people brushing their teeth in the toilet from time to time. The first time I was floored when I saw a girl brushing her teeth in the toilet inside the airport (I can’t remember which country’s airport, sorry). At that moment, I couldn’t help thinking : this is the second most disgusting thing next to walking around with your underpants in a public toilet. Yes, I have bumped into loads of funny, embarrassing scenarios in the toilets inside different airports. Dunno why, but it just happens all the times.

Of course, I didn’t understand why the girl would brushed her teeth in public as if there were nobody around, until I came to live in Japan and realized the story behind.

The root of good health is from our teeth ?

The fact is: Brushing your teeth in public is just as common as purchasing a hamburger in a Japan.  Many Japanese people brush their teeth straight after finishing a meal. Since childhood, children in the school have been trained to brush their teeth after lunch in the classroom. This habit accompanies their growth and sticks in their mind. After growing up, they will still stick to it and wouldn’t feel embarrassed, even if they do it in public. In a classroom situation, there is a song the home room teacher will put on, called 健康の元は良い歯から. It means the root of good health is from our teeth.

Check out the song here:


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