scarecrows = humans?

Today, I drove around the town today after work. I got into a farm area. While I drove along the road I was getting more and more into the farm patches. I spotted some people standing in front of the road. As you can see in movies, the roads between farm patches are very narrow. They’re designed for farmers and their little trucks only and usually wouldn’t allow more than one file traffic. While you realize that the roads are wide enough for a small passager car to get past, seeing someone standing on the road instantly got me nervous.

As I was getting closer, I sensed something wasn’t going right. The people standing there barely moved! They were just like those artists you can see in  shows and fairs pretending dummies.

Finally I realized they weren’t human beings. They’re just scarecrows used to keep the crows and other birds away from the area. I never believed scarecrows works because crows aren’t stupid animals and if they see something that doesn’t look like a human they can tell. With the experience this time, I truly believe that scarecrow are good enough to do the job for farmers.


A cartoon character in Pokemon can ward off the crows. Do you believe it?


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