Truly free translation by human

There have been heaps of people asking me to order Japanese goods as most of the products won’t ship overseas. While they place their orders online, many of them ask me for help with the Japanese words they don’t understand. We know that there’re many tools available on the net that you can use: multi-lingual dictionaries, translation forums, things like that so you can get help with language barrier.

Online dictionaries suck

But the problem is: none of these truly help you solve your problem. For online dictionaries, they only accept words translation instead of sentence translation.

Second, even if you are lucky enough to find a dictionary which accepts sentence translation, it is only done by set programmes and machines so they tend to give you rigid, word for word translation that is ungrammatically, illogical, and incomprehensible. For forums, the odds you will get a volunteer to help are next to winning lottery. And one last problem with the above 2 quick solutions: you need to have at least a minimum understanding of the language you wanna translate and how to type the words out otherwise you won’t be able to put it online in the first place before you will get the help you need. can help

Are there really nothing that can help then?  There’s this translation site I  found recently and you must try. You don’t have to wait for one year until a volunteer turns up, you won’t get robotic style translation as everything is done by human. Most importantly, it’s completely free of charge.

The site is called Labelguy and the address is :

All you have to do is to take a picture of the material you wanna get translated and upload it using their online form ‘Share a label’ or, if you like, you can type it out and send it over , suppose you know the language and how to type the words out.

I hope this one helps you guys solve your language problem while you shop online.


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