Japanese people English level

What do I do as a teacher in Japan?

Some of my readers are so curious about my job as a teacher in Japan. They asked me if I can talk a bit about my work instead of shopping or the latest Japanese gadgets. To be honest, there are some of the things I really can’t disclose. However, there’s this incident I really wanna share with you guys, if you plan on coming to Japan to live or work. You’ll get what I mean after reading this.

What are you saying?

A 6th grade Japanese homeroom teacher and I had been planning on a lesson to be delivered yesterday. The teacher told me last week he’d prepare everything for the lesson so I was relieved and didn’t do any planning. When I saw him yesterday morning I reminded him about this, yet he asked me back if I’d prepared anything. Ok obviously neither of us had prepared anything for the lesson so I suggested we use the textbook instead of games because it wouldn’t take any time to prepare.

Lost in translation

‘We’re using the textbook,’ I said . There emerged a big question mark on his face.

‘We are using the textbook,’ I slowed down in case he didn’t get it.

‘Can you …. speak slowly?’he requested.

‘I don’t think I can as I am speaking really slowly and it would sound like a robot if I do it more slowly,’ I can’t help thinking.

Now, I understand why my boss always asks me to slow down as I speak to Japanese people in English.


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