Come to Japan? Responding to your questions

Hello guys. It’s been a couple of months since this blog was opened. From time to time, I get emails asking me different questions.

One of the questions that I am asked most often is how I came to Japan to live and work. I think I’ve already jotted it down in my Welcome page so I am not gonna say it again here. But the question is not about me coming to Japan, it’s often that my readers wanna come to Japan so they ask me this question. Am I right?

If you really wanna come to Japan for work, read on!

Days were gone when Japan was the one of the best countries in the world. If you visited the country 15 years ago and you come here again today, you will find everything stays pretty much the same as they were, especially technology. Whereas many countries, especially Asian countries, have been getting stronger and better in economic and welfare terms, Japan didn’t progress at all, almost. The economy has been sluggish since the bubbles burst in the 1990s. If you check out the Nikkei index in the 90s and today’s you will instantly get the picture.

You still wanna come to Japan and try a new life? Here you go!

Japan’s been reforming its immigration procedure and requirements these years. If you’re a highly skilled person, you can apply for immigration on special skills ground, without having to get a job first in your home country.

What if I am not a specialist in any field?

You can still come to Japan. If you can get a company to hire you you can come here (chances are high as long as you have a degree!) Once you’ve lived here for a certain years, you can apply for naturalization and the odds that your application will be approved is…..99%! I ain’t joking.

News coverage:

Japan Immigration department:


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