Road To Ninja Naruto The Movie ナルト

Naruto ナルト

I have been a big fan of Naturo ナルトfor years. What’s Naruto? It’s a character in a Japanese comic with the same title ‘Naruto’. There’s recently a movie of it called Road to Ninja Naturo the Movie out in theatres that I so wanted to see. I found there’s a cinema kinda close to my place showing the movie. So I checked out the ticket price. I was appalled because it’s 1800yen for a regular ticket!


Movies means luxury

Yeah, movies are a luxury in Japan. Compared with other developed countries, the ticket prices here are whopping! It costs you 1800yen for a regular ticket, suppose you’re an adult. You wanna watch the latest 3D movies such as Spiderman 3D? Prepare to pay 300yen extra. ‘What a thief’ I can’t help thinking! And most importantly, the movies don’t usually come with any subtitle so even if you can read a little Japanese it won’t help at all 😦


Though the tickets aren’t cheap, what surprised me most is not the price of tickets, but one of the rules that reads ‘23.00以降に終了する作品は18歳未満入場不可 ‘. It means ‘if you’re under 18, you’re not allowed to watch those movies that finish after 11pm’. What a well-orchestrated curfew for teenagers.


Road To Ninja Naruto The Movie: (movie official website)


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