Osaka 大阪 Day 3

On day 3, I went to Umeda(梅田) and Osaka City Station. I did some shopping in the Station. It was a terribly big place in terms of floor space that you can spend days there inside the Station. There you can find some giant department stores such as Isetan-Mitsukoshi(伊勢丹三越), Lucua(ルクア), Hanshin(阪神), Hankyu(阪急), Daimaru(大丸)…Plus, there is an underground shopping mall connecting different exits of Umeda and the adjacent stations. From my observation, the whole underground mall may probably stretch as much as a few kilometers long! My time was limited so I just briefly browsed the items as I was walking past the shops.

It was already 6pm so I decided not to  hit Shinsaibashi(心斎橋) the second time as I had planned. I knew that Kunomon (黒門市場) is a fresh food market so it will probably close early. I was there by 7pm but there were only a few of them still opening. I was lucky enough to see the shop selling coffee beans and two other shops selling swellfish still open. The swell fish looked so cute! It’s hard to believe their skin contains a huge amount of toxic. You wanna see how cute they are? Here you go:



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