Universal Studios Osaka 大阪 Day 2

Almost everyone visiting Osaka(大阪) would spend some time there and I’m not an exception. It’s Universal Studios(ユニバーサル スタジオ)! Getting off the Universal City Station(ユニバーサルシティ), it takes you about 10 mins uwalk ntil you get to the gate. There were already some people lining up at the ticketing booths but I got my ticket online so I didn’t have to wait 🙂

When you get in there, it totally gives you the feeling of the Disneyland in Tokyo. The souvenir shops, the arch-shaped ceiling, the music, and the overall atmosphere, everything just so resembles those in Disneyland. The difference is that you won’t see the iconic castle that features the park in the front entrance. After checking out the map I got from the staff, I realized that the rides were arranged in roughly a big circle so you can follow the path and get back to the starting point after finishing all the rides. I couldn’t wait to look for where the Spiderman ride was since’d I heard that it’s the best and most popular ride in the park so there must be heaps of people waiting for the game. But I found out there was another ride very close to where I was standing so I just followed the way and played the ride along. So, I started off with Space Fantasy and it was great. Next, I played Terminator 2. It’s a 3-D movie with a plot resembles what you find in the Terminator 2 movie. The 3-D effect is really great. One thing I’m not happy was: there were some points at which you’ll be splashed with lots of water and you won’t be told in advance.

I arrived at the Spiderman ride lastly. But before I went in there, I checked out the Spiderman memorabilias in a shop next to it. I wanted to buy the watch but got a ring instead. The Spiderman ride is just a car and you sit in there with some other people. The car shakes according to the plot on the screen and this is it! If you visit the Park next time, make sure you’re not putting it on top of your priority list.

There’s one which truly surprised me that I wanna talk about, which is the Backdraft. I didn’t have much expectation of it because it’s not a ride so it won’t be too. It turned out everyone there was surprised, especially the last scene (3 scenes in total) where you will see scorching flames blowing at you, water randomly ejected everywhere, huge oil tanks falling down from high places, and the deafening noise. The whole picture scared a lot of people, me included. It was just so real! Of course, everything was real happening in front of your eyes! It proves one thing: real effects beat 3D and 4D effects!

The last rider I played was Hollywood Dream- the biggest roller coaster in the park. It is also the most-welcomed ride in the park. You’ll need to wait for 1 hour or over. It was okay but not particularly surprising. Especially if you’ve been to some of the greatest in Japan such as the one in Fujikyu(富士急). In comparison, this one is just a child’s play in terms of scale and level of excitement it brings you.

It was almost 8pm and everyone started getting a spot on the sides of the streets waiting for the Night Parade. It was truly an amazing Parade which features some Disney characters such as Snow White. It kicked off with Hello Kittyand finished with Snow White. The music was fantastic and the show last for 30 mins. You can see satisfaction and smiles on everyone’s face as the parade finished. It was one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen.

You wanna see it? Check this out: http://youtu.be/SyQXMrB–v8

Here’s some of the items I got from the Park.



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