Skin water

It’s getting so hot in South Pacific region these days, so is Japan. It reached 36 degrees last week in Osaka when one of the tropical cyclones neared South East China. Sauna was provided free every day, as long as you were brave enough to stand in the one of the busy streets there for 10 mins!

It means that the thick moisturizing body cream we usually apply should be avoided, as it would only block your pores, make you feel very uncomfy once you sweat and your clothes stick to your skin. So what do we do then? I have found my solution here in Japan. 

It’s Shiseido mineral-based skin water. It’s used to preserve / supplement moisture in your skin. You can apply it to any part of your body , including your face after shower.It’s been my great body lotion since summer hit Japan  and I am still loving it 🙂


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