Osaka 大阪 Day 1

Well, it’s been a while since I last  updated my blog. The last entry I made was last month before I headed for Osaka(大阪). So all the entries that you have been reading over the last week are just scheduled ones. Anyways, I’m back from Osaka Yeah.! How did the trip go?

My first impression of the city is : old, dirty, and a bit run-down. You can easily find shabby buildings, dirted floors in many stations…. But as you get to the north of the city, such as Osaka station, Umeda(梅田), etc, you’ll see a brand new city with  upscale department chains, banks, etc.  I will post pictures and videos I took in Osaka. Since there’s heaps so I am gonna do it bit by bit so keeping reading my blog.

I got off from the coach at 7.30 after the long ride that took me over 10 hours! I went to Julia to have a facial treatment. Getting out from the salon, I hit the nearby Namba(難波), Shinsaibashi(心斎橋), and Dotombori area(道頓堀). Shinsaibashi is really a big area composed of one very long shopping street (the main street) with shops on both sides of the road and other small street branching out. I underestimated it and I guess I only finished about half of the area. It can take you over a day! Also, the downtown Osaka is huge with heaps of shops jam-packed so it really takes time (or I should say impossible) if you wanna  check out all the shops one by one.

video link:


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