End of Honeymoon

Anyone coming to a new country would find everything very novel and special. If you have ever travelled to another country, it wouldn’t be hard for you to understand what I mean.

When I first came to Japan months ago, everything was special. I remember the first shop I went into was a convenience store in Ueno station. It was the beginning of April so cherries were blooming in Tokyo. There was a stall set up in front of the convenience store selling Japanese style sticky dumpling to celebrate the coming of Sakura. They were packed in small plastic lunch boxes. I’d never seen this kind of thing before in my life so it was completely new to me. Plus, the young people selling the dumplings were saying some slogans in Japanese in order to get people’s attention. This is my first picture of Japan and I was so excited. Out of curiosity, I bought one for 800yen. It was unbelievably cheap as I know everything in Japan is expensive, though I was proved wrong later.

Since day one, I have been exploring the country, its people, culture and everything. Til now, I can say that there’re still things that are new to me coming into my eyes from time to time, but the number gets less and less so I guess my honeymoon is almost over.


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