Hitachi Hada series

There have been some sisters who asked me to buy this series for them in Japan. I am happy to see so many people keep reading my posts, enjoy and trust the beauty gadgets in Japan, and I am more than happy to help them out.

While I order it, they usually ask me if I can make it cheaper. If you check out the exchange rate between HKD and Japanese yen these years, you will see that USD has been very weak since the financial crisis in 2008. It means that HKD is weak too since they are linked. In turn, it means all the currencies such as Japanese yen, Singaporean dollars, Australian dollars, etc are strong.

Days were gone when people outside of Japan enjoyed the low prices of Japanese goods that the strong USD used to bring them. If you have been keeping an eye on currencies, Australian Dollar peaks in history these days against USD, so does Japanese yen. This is why the profit margin of vendors selling Japanese products, me included, can enjoy from selling Japanese things is actually very low. It also explains why Japanese things available in other countries have become a lot more pricy than before.

The last thing is about shipping. It costs at least 1500 yen to ship any parcel overseas from Japan by air. You can say it’s the minimum charge by post office here. Again, the high yen also takes a toll here by adding up on top of the retail prices of Japanese products sold overseas.

Next time when you doubt if you’re paying too much, don’t forget to check out the latest exchange rates and shipping costs.

Hitachi Hada N810


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