Image: Onsen – a revisit

What’s Onsen? It’s Japanese language and it means hotspring. If you’ve ever been to onsen, you will definitely be thrilled to read this. I’ll talk about Onsen in Japan and the benefits it can bring you.

Generally speaking, hotspring can be as mystical as UFO for those who haven’t tried it. For those who have, you must be a fan of it by now since it’s REALLY POWERFUL in healing and beautification. Basically, onsen works like Chinese medication. When you are in a pool of hotspring water, your body will absorb it and it will heal and revive your whole system by getting rid of the toxic and unwanted things out of your body so as to achieve healing and beautification effects to the max.

How long does it take for you to see the effect? For the Onsen I’ve tried in Japan, it kicks in almost straight after using it. You will feel as energized as a monkey¬†or like you’ve just slept for 10 hours in a four posters in Carribean sea holidays, next morning, you will notice blemishes and breakout used to be on your face disappar. Your skin will be silky smooth.

So we know onsen works like a potion. Where is the best onsen in Japan and how should we use it to get the most out of it?

I’ll talk about it in another posting.



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