Aside: Summer holidays

Summer holiday’s arrived finally. It’s the last day today students have school. It will be year end ceremony tomorrow.

As a teacher, I still haven’t got any concrete plan as to how to use my long holiday though I will be spending a couple of days in Osaka. I have been asking students and co-workers how they’re gonna spend their holidays and answers vary from no plan to overseas travel, Hawai the farthest. Japanese is the type of people who is so unwilling to leave their country. They always think their country is the best one in the world. There have been some occasions in which I asked them what countries they wanna travel to and most of them replied Japan. I told them their answer doesn’t make sense as you’re already in Japan. You need to tell me a country that is outside of Japan. They couldn’t come up with any other answers even after this clue. Sadly, it looked like the next possible country they wanna see and find out more about, except for Japan, is still Japan.

I took the opportunity of my last school day to take some pictures around the school.

I happened to see my name on one of the noticeboards. It feels so great!


This is where kids put their shoes. Everyone needs to change into another pair when they come indoors from the outside or go outdoors from the inside.

















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