Solar power

If you keep reading my blog, you may have noticed that Japanese people put a lot of effort into environmental conservation. One of the evidence is the widespread use of eco-friendly products such as solar power. A lot of households, schools, and private companies have got their own solar power panels on top of their buildings. Even on grassroots level, you can see heaps of palm-sized home-use solar panels widely sold on the market. Here’s one of them.

If you think it’s just a solar panel for charging the batteries for cell phones and electronic gadgets you’re wrong. It’s much more than that. 

First off, it can be used outdoor as a light , say, when your going camping as it’s got a bulb on the back. Also, it’s got a USB power out which means that you can charge the batteries for basically any electronic products that’s got a USB port. That’s not the end of it. In order not to waste the energy which you may not be able to find any way to use it at a given time, you may store it up in AA batteries. It enables you to use it in any other electronic things that doesn’t come with a USB port and so a built-in power-storing battery, such as portable radios, microphones. These all tell you that it’s an awesome long-term investment, as long as you’ve got sufficient amount of sunlight coming into your house. I’m thinking about getting one for summer.


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