A new look :)

It’s long weekend this week so I took the time to Koriyama. The supermarket at the station has just had an overhaul. Check out it’s new look.

Supermarket new look:

Toro Sashimi for FREE!!!! I tried one and it tasted so great.The one nearest to the wooden plate is selling for 700 yen!!! Crazy isn’t it?


What is it? If you have a cat, you will find that he won’t drink the water if it’s been put there for 1 to 2 hours. And it can be a big problem when there is nobody home for one day or half a day. This thing circulates the water so as to keep it FRESH. Your cat won’t be thristed to death next time when you’re away. I have ordered one for you : Kenny, Dan, and Anthony.


This one filters the water for your lovely pets so they can always drink clean water. If you work for long hours or don’t bother to change the water every hour or so, this one suits you (and your pet) 🙂


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