Uncovering the secret – Universal Studio in Japan

I guess some of my readers here  must have visited the park before. Anways, it’s one of the biggest theme parks in Japan and you will only find a handful of Universal Studio Park in the world so it’s worth to spend a day or two there. While you’re happy to pay 6400yen  to spend a day there,  do you know there’re some things the Jap they keep it to themselves.

If you’re a foreigner and you don’t know the Japanese language, you’re paying the same fees as local Japanese people but are offered much less choice when you buy your ticket? Or I should say it frankly: you’re mistreated or cheated to pay the same but no offered the same? I ain’t sure. But there’s one thing I am: there’re some places in the park where you’re kept away and only Japanese (usually speaking) can get there.

As a foreigner living overseas trying to get a ticket, you will easily find this ticketing page by typing USJ in google and you’ll find 4 options :

1 day pass, 2 day pass, group discount, universal express pass. That’s it!

But as a Japanese who visits the same home page but Japanese verion, they will get here:

 Can you tell the difference now?

They can choose : 1 day pass, 1.5 day pass, 2 day pass, night pass, 1 year pass and 2 year pass .

It’s still not the end of it…..

(to be continued)


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