Internet thing

Though Japan is an advanced country, its internet is one of o worst I’ve ever seen. Firstly, application. The process cannot be more complicated than you can imagine. For homyeuse wired internet, you need to have a bank account before you can apply for it. Next, h period is usually over 3 weeks. Ok, you’ve waited for 3 weeks and the cable guy comes. It’s jus the start of it. The cable guy only comes to your home to check if the line works. You’ll need to wait another day or two for a parcel from courier. In the package, you ‘ll find the cables, transformer, and modem that you’ll need to set up your home internet by YOURSELF. If you aren’t good with machines and cable things, nobody can help. You can only rely on YOURSELF. I know it comes with some easy-to-follow manual, it doesn’t mean that it will get any easier for everyone, especially girls.


After setting it up, you’ll have to wait another day or two until you can use it. And the speed is  : hell lot slower than you can get in Australia and other developed countries. It also comes with another thing: it’s unstable and highly unpredictable in performance. You’ll notice the line being disconnected from time to time. It can get very slow and sometimes very fast. With these 2 things, it can drive you crazy. Don’t forget we’re talking about wired internet, not wireless. Everybody knows, wired internet connection is known to be stable and fast without disconnection problem. Japan is an exception. I’ve tried wired internet in different places: schools, companies, cafes, and my home. They all display the same problem quite often.


When I was in Australia, the same type of problems rarely occurred, though signal can get weak sometimes, you’re line will never be cut without any particular reason.


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