La Mente – an update

It’s been a month since we last talked about La mente. So you really wanna know how it goes right?

All I wanna say is:  every product on the market get its comments for reasons, no matter they are good or bad ones. For La mente, all I’ve seen are positive reviews and I am more than happy to add another one on top here in my blog.

Over the past 4 weeks, it’s like I’ve got a professional beauty machine (like those you can see in beauty salons) in my home taking excellent care of my rough, dehydrated, pored skin. Yes, my skin has been terrible since I was a teen. I have had numerous laser, toner treatments and I have to go to the beauty salon almost every week. Now, I can save the hassle (and money !) but still have really smooth and healthy skin at home by using this gadget once a day. Don’t forget! No matter how expensive and complicated a treatment is in a beauty salon, the effect won’t last too long. Depending on many factors, your skin will gradually return to what it used to look like after a week or so. Having a treatment gadget in home ensures your skin looks good EVERY DAY. This is very important! For me, I have been using La mente with my routine skin care products: toner, moisturizing essence, and lastly moisturizing gel over the past 4 weeks. The result is truly stunning! As I said, my skin has been quite bad over years and professional beauty treatments usually last for 3-4 days until it gets worse again. Now, my skin IS (not looks) fresh, radiant, and as smooth as a peeled egg every day. This is what the La mente brings me without using any product of their line, such as placenta, essence, etc which are meant to be used together with your La mente (you know what I mean if you visit beauty salon regularly. They charge us a huge sum of money doing exactly the same thing!). But now, I don’t think I need to spend any extra because I am already hyper happy with the skin I have. It’s exactly like having had a professional beauty treatment every day in a beauty salon when you wake up.

So, what magic or spells do La mente have making it so… powerful. It’s got 3 different functions: Ultra sound, ion cleansing, ion treatment, plus a complementary infra-red lamp, you can choose the one/ a combination of these that suit(s) you best in a given day. Ultra sound is for skin firming. Ion cleansing is used to remove cosmetics completely from your skin so the cosmetics won’t be able to cause any damage to your skin. Probably you’ve heard many people say: simply using removal oil won’t completely cleanse your skin. Ion treatment is important as a large proportion of the skin care products we use every day is wasted. This is because essence or lotion only remains on the surface layer and it can’t get deep to be absorbed. This function brings it deep into the skin. You may have heard many people spending hundreds or even thousands of bucks on one-time micro-needle treatments and it’s the same theory. Micro-needle treatment aims to open the pores of your skin so any subsequent product applied will get deep to be absorbed. If you don’t understand or doubt its effectiveness, try one this week at a beauty salon and you’ll get it.

Final note: given the effectiveness of this product and its low price (compared with other large-scale professional ones), I doubt if any beauty salon is using it and claims that their machines are high-end ones from Europe. Anyways, we keep our eyes closed (some people even sleep! ) throughout the treatment, don’t’ we? 🙂

Still doubt its effectiveness? Check out what other girls say:

If you can read Chinese, you may also try this one:


2 thoughts on “La Mente – an update

  1. Very interesting! I used to use La Mente skincare products (cleansing gel, moisturizers, etc) and it was amazing. Unfortunately I had to move and now live in the US where La Mente is not available anywhere 😦 Do you know their international website or maybe you know where to buy this? Thank you

    • Hello Natalia,

      Thank you for your comment. La Mente is really a fascinating beauty gear every woman can’t do without. It has saved me loads of money on lotions, moisturizers, etc since I only have to use half of the usual amount when I apply them with La Mente. As you do it, it helps the moisturizer penetrate through the upper most layer of skin and reach dermis. It also explains why it doesn’t show much effects when skin care products are used by sisters at home as compared with those used by beauty salons. It is simply because they use the gears in the salon so everything is much more effectively absorbed by your skin.

      To answer your question: we do know some places where they sell La Mente, yet they only ships to a local address. If you’re interested, we may order it for you. Simply leave us an email and we’ll send you all the details. Since you’re living in the US, if you would like to receive your product by Christmas time, you will need to place your order by the end of the week.

      Questions? Feel free to ask us again!


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