Midorigaoka Park (翠ヶ丘公園)

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I spent some time in a lovely park today. The name of the park is  Midorigaoka Park. I don’t know if it’s big or not in local scale though it says on the map covers 29.9 hectares. It’s the first park I visit since coming to Japan and it was a very nice experience. All you can see is greenery. No cars, no noise, and you barely see anyone.

I hit one of the amusement centres in the town at night and tried a steak in a restaurant nearby. After taking the order, I went to the toilet and thought: the waiter didn’t ask me how I’d like the steak to be done and I knew something was wrong. It turned out that my gut feeling was right. The sirloin was overcooked (it’s well-done) and it was pan fried 😦   I couldn’t help thinking : have they ever tried the real steak? (I ask the same type question all the time in the supermarket when I was searching for peatnut butter, salad dressing…)


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