The nicest country on earth :)


If you’re an avid traveller, which country tops the NICE LIST? I have only been to several countries so my opinion isn’t reliable. But I’m pretty sure some of them on top must include developing countries which, in the eyes of those from developed countries, aren’t desirable places to live in.


I can still remember how hospitable the people were when I was in Tokyo the first time years ago. You won’t believe staff in the restaurant would tell their boss they had to be away for a while because they have to show someone the way to a certain place; I also remember how natural and genuine the smiles are from some of my Indonesian/ Indian (can’t remembe reactly which one) classmates towards strangers when I was at university; and above all, how philanthropic the aussies are. When I was in financial trouble, they slashed the rent half for my university residence.


For me, how I am treated means a lot and that is the major reason why I am here in Japan. So you wanna know about my conclusion after having lived here for a while?


I’m gonna tell you what I and some of my co-workers have come up with: people in our town aren’t really that hospitable and we’re sure those in other small towns are just the same, yet those in major cities still show a welcoming attitude towards foreigners, as long as they know that you’re from overseas who doesn’t speak (much) Japanese. When I was in Sendai 2 days a couple of weeks ago, people there couldn’t be nicer: they  were kind enough to take a lot of time to show me the way when I was lost, staff in restaurants would try to speak English with you instead of wanting you to speak their language. There was even a guy who had shown me the way to Mitsukoshi on the first day later on asked me in McHappy smiles if I had found that place or not when we bumped in each other the second day. The way I was treated tells you he sees me more than just a passer-by, though we had met just once.


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