Something BIG happened

 Something BIG happened today. One of the teachers from the United States took off without saying a word and the worst thing is: he took one of the company cars. Obviously, this is stealing and also a criminal offence. Police has been contacted and he’s now wanted.

What I wanna say is: as a teacher, or simply a person living in this world, we have to understand where we’re at work and our responsibilities and how our performance and behaviour may affect others. As a teacher, what you do will directly affect your students and we’re not talking about a couple of them, but thousands. As an ALT in Japan, we visit different schools and we’re in contact with thousands of students in total.

For the now wanted man, he really let me down. I knew he’s kinda jerk from the first day I met him. Yet it’s hard to imagine and believe that he would have committed a crime at works, a big one. I mean, you have the option to take off, you can choose not to stay in a certain place without telling anyone or without exercising your responsibilities as a teacher at all, though morally wrong. Taking someone’s car without saying a word is going too far.

As for the teacher himself in this story, he’s been skipping work for so many times without telling his boss and schools over the past few months. He’s also got heaps of others complaints– teachers complained cigarette smell on his body, unbearable noise coming from his room midnight…..Now, he’s gone and it seems we are better off or at least unaffected. But you think about it again, we’re also sufferers. This thing is gonna spread around in this town and all the schools and teachers will know about it. As an ALT working for the same boss, people will point at me and hold a prejudice against me. But to what extent is still yet to see.



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