Everything is …. FREE!!!

Though it’s holiday , I got up early today to wait for the cable guy to come over and do the wiring for the internet.

The way that home internet installation in Japan is quite different. For me , I live in a 2 apartment so the cable guy won’t have to open the telephone box in the building to doing the wiring. So, you won’t have to ask the owner of the aparment or building for the box key.

At about 10am, the cable guy came to my apartment with a telephone set. He tested if the line works by plugging it in the jack and that’s all! I couldn’t believe the whole so-called wiring work could be as simple as that. After the guy was gone, a box of parcel with modem and cables arrive from the courier. I unboxed it and plugged in the cables according to the manual inside the package and it’s done. Yes the whole thing is pretty much self-service but it’s real fun since I have never tried to set up a real home-use cabled internet service for myself. And all the company did was just sending a guy to your home and confirm if the line is working.

The other thing that amazed me is that everything inside the box is brand new, even the box! Don’t forget, I haven’t paid a cent even until this moment when I am typing. The modem, cable, and transformer were all free and they aren’t charging me for the installation work. That’s not the end of it. I am free to cancel the service after the first month and the cancellation is also FREE…. 🙂



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