Trip without destination

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I made a long long trip today. But wait, it’s Sunday today and I will have to work tomorrow so what kind of a trip can it be? Most importantly, where did I go?

The answer is: I am not going anywhere in particular. I purchased a ticket from the ticketing machine and hopped on a train and stayed either on the train or platform area the whole day. I started out at 10.30 and got home at 7pm so the whole trip took me about 7 hours.

I was thinking about going to Nigata (新潟)in the beginning but when I got to the station where I was supposed to change trains, I found out the next train which can get me home wouldn’t come until 8pm. So the whole idea of getting to Nigata(新潟) and checking out the sea view was instantly out of the window.

Anyways, I was embraced by heaps of high-definition pictures of beautiful scenery you can see on travel videos. The trip also tells me that Japan is still a modern, developed and rich country, though it’s been quite stagnant since the bubble burst 20 years ago. If you stay in Japan for a while you’ll realize how clean and elegant some of the public toilets (and other public facilities as well) can be. The one I used at Aizu Wakamatsu (会津若松)station was one of them. You can find art works, wheel-chair friendly facilities, and you can smell fragrance.


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