A night out to Mega-stage

I spent my last night in Mega-stage – a shopping centre about 15 min drive from my house.

I originally planned on getting a sports jacket there but it turned out that there were either too pricey or they didn’t have the size that fits me.  Anyways, I took the time to check out other bookstore, electrical shop, and above all, Daiso- 100yen shop (all the prices had gone up to 105yen already because of GST!) there.

By the end of the trip, I got some kitchen ware and groceries. Those couple of hours also made me realize how much Japanese people are into animations and their characters. Basically, you can find characters of Hello Kitty, Keroro, One Piece on most of the items in any store, golf club covers, water bottle bags, chopping boards, stationery, cameras, even boxes and rolls of tissue, Bandaids, cell phone chargers, batteries, socks, virtually everything you can and can’t imagine!

Here’s the photos I took. Hope you like them!


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