Habits of Japanese people

Today I wanna talk about the habits typical Japanese people have.

The first habit that strikes many foreigners is their cleaning habit. Japanese people generally LOVE keeping things clean. They clean their stuff once or twice a day, at least. In the school, students and teachers clean the school, basically everywhere and everything in the school!, before the school and after lunch on almost every school day. Immediately after lunch, they have Hamigaki time in which they play a song and brush their teeth. Every Japanese student has gone through a lot of drills in tidy up so when they grow up, they generally have got the habit of keeping things clean, which is good.  Remember, Japan recorded zero death toll over the SARS period.

Outside the school, general Japanese people have the habit of tidying up the thing they have used or touched. Even in public places, say a bench on the side of the road, they would immediately wipe off the mess with a tissue or handkie or even their hands (I saw it once!) if they spill it with drink. Yet, a coin has 2 sides, don’t forget. As a foreigner new to this country, it can be too fuzzy and annoying at times, at least in my eyes, that you’re expected to tear off the toilet paper neatly after the toilet so it looks as if it had never been used, you’re also expected to put your documents and stuff on the table following only horizontal or vertical gridline suppose you work in the office.

The second thing I wanna talk about is that Japanese people enjoy talking in their cars, especially at night.  You’ll notice quite often that people with/ without their light on talking in the car in the car park outside a shopping centre, outside their frontyard/ backyard…… whereas Aussies, they also enjoy talking yet they won’t do it in the car, they do their talking standing by their cars, which makes more sense to me, especially during summer.


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