A night out to Koriyama


It’s Friday today and there’s no school tomorrow. I took the time to Koriyama.


When I was heading there, I bumped into a traditional style Onsen. I went in there and asked for the price. It is only 500 yen!



In Koriyama, I went to Hard-off, and it’s my second time visiting the store. Everything was pretty much the same. I saw some second-hand bikes and they cost around 10000yen, which is a bit too much for me. I also saw many ONE PIECE items. One of them is a 3D picture and the 3D effect truly amazed me!



3D ONE PIECE picture


I also checked out a trade-in store called Dopo, which is quite huge! You can find heaps of clothes, handbags, items of Japanese animations, TV games, which were on the market ages ago. I saw many SuperFamicom and Saga games there and they were all at unbelievably low prices!



Lastly, I got a nice rick cooker for 3000 yen at Yodobashi 🙂


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