La Mente – my new facial gadget

I have finally placed my order for a facial gadget named La Mente today, after pondering over and over for years. Though the name itself suggests the product is from somewhere in Europe, it is a100% Japanese brand – designed and made in Japan. It is very common for you to come across with an item with Europe origin in Japan, say Rim Hair, it tells you how much Japs here adore western countries. It can be a very weird experience if you’re from overseas and you see a foreigner appear on your TV screen in every travel / documentary type of programme you watch, though every single speech has been translated into Japanese.

Ok… we’re getting too far away from the topic today aren’t we? The reason I have chosen La Mente over millions of other brands on the market is because it’s got raving reviews from people of different countries over years! I have never seen/ heard anything bad about the product to be very honest, though it is priced (RRP) at about 400 US dollars. With this price, it can be one of the most pricey home skin treatment gadget on the market. Even for other well-known brands such as Panasonic, Ye man, they won’t cost you over 300 US dollars. Anyways, my La Mente cost me around $250!!

Let’s see how it goes when it arrives later this week.


2 thoughts on “La Mente – my new facial gadget

  1. Hello
    I’m looking for this device for a year.
    From where did you bought it? Do you sell it?
    Where can I buy it?
    I live in UK, what about delivery?
    Kind regards

    • Hello Val,

      Thank you for your comment. La Mente is really a fascinating beauty gear every woman can’t do without. It has saved me loads of money on lotions, moisturizers, etc since I only have to use half of the usual amount when I apply them with La Mente. As you do it, it helps the moisturizer penetrate through the upper most layer of skin and reach dermis. It also explains why it doesn’t show much effects when skin care products are used by sisters at home as compared with those used by beauty salons. It is simply because they use the gears in the salon so everything is much more effectively absorbed by your skin.

      To answer your question: we do know some places where they sell La Mente, yet they do not ship overseas. If you’re interested, we may order it for you. Simply give us an email address here or send it and we will send you all the details including price, payment method, and delivery options.

      Questions? Feel free to ask us again!


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