La Mente

I finally placed my order for a homeuse facial gadget today called La Mente , after pondering over and over for years. Though the name suggests the product is from somewhere in Europe, it is a100% Japanese brand – designed and made in Japan. It is very common for you to come across with an item with a European name in Japan, say Rim Hair, it tells you how much Japs here adore western countries. It can be a very weird experience if you’re from overseas and you see a foreigner appear on your TV screen in every travel / documentary type of programme you watch, though every single speech has been translated into Japanese.

Ok… we’re getting too far away from the topic today aren’t we? The reason I have chosen La Mente over millions of other brands on the market is because it’s got raving reviews from people of different countries over years. I have never seen/ heard anything seriously bad about the product to be very honest. Let’s see how much it’s got when it arrives later this week!


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