Hello Kitty piggy bank

Many of the staff in the school I visited today were absent so I finished work at 4 and went to the post office near my house to settle my gas bill (I have a lot of bills yet to pay and still trying to figure out how I can do each of these). I handed over the 2 documents the gas company sent me but the staff said  I needed another type of slip so they can process my payment. But I remember I had already asked the gas company and they said the 2 documents I have were sufficient. So I couldn’t pay for my gas bill. Yet I spotted something interesting when I was there – some Hello Kitty piggy banks were on the front desk. They are soooo cute, aren’t they?


2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty piggy bank

    • Hi,

      Thanks for asking about this item Wan Ting.

      I’ll check it for you tomorrow. When do you need it?

      Please also check out all the previous posets since I will update any of them from time to time and there will be Hello Kitty items I can assure you.


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