Sendai 仙台Day 2

My one-night capsule hotel experience turned out to be much worse than I thought. I couldn’t sleep at all as there was cranky noise coming out from somewhere repeatedly throughout the night.

Up at 9.45am and rushed downstairs to check out my room. Since I already got a pair of Nike yesterday at the outlet, I decided to spend my day in downtown.

Shops downtown

I checked out Mitsukoshi三越 and the shops alongside the road. They were packed with low- and high-end shops, with Zara, LV, ABC Mart, DHC, Sinseido, etc. I spent a couple of hours there without realizing it. The atmosphere in the street was just so great and overwhelming there in the arvo. On the street, you can see buskers performing their talents, traditional Japanese songs and dance by people on stage representing different companies.

I was getting closer and closer to Sendai station and started to think about the time to take the bus. As I was wondering where I could catch the bus, a bus says going to Koriyama appeared in front of my eyes. Given the fact that I had to get to work early next morning and my energy was getting so low, I decided to hop on and head back.Sendai station night

Advice for travellers

Sendai仙台 is not a big place when you compare it with other major cities such as Osaka, Tokyo, but if it is your first time, give it 2 days and you won’t regret it. People in Sendai are so very hospitable to foreigners. While I was walking in the street holding a map, there were twice people came up to me and asked if they could be of any help. An old man who helped me with directions on day 1 saw me in a restaurant the next day. He waved to me in distance and said hello to me.


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